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[30 Sep 2003|01:00am]
[ mood | anxious ]

well....last night was the first night in a while that i have actually cried..and i think its just because of everything that is going on and its so crazy and if u think about rush and its the craziest thing bc u can get cut because your not cute enough for them?!?! how degrading and what a cut to your self-esteem level. so you know...im just ready for it to be over because everything will calm down 100% and u dont have to worry about the older girls looking at you all the time, and everyhting else that goes along with rush...but whatever happens, happens for a reason. on a better note..i think the fair is coming in town this weekend and i am so excited i think i might go home next weekend because i really wanna go!! and preps homecoming is the 10th and ole miss's is the 11th. i cant belive that its almost october! thats crazy!! tonight it was 45 degress almost cold enough to snow! how much fun:) tom. i have to go and get my spring schedule like i have any idea what i wanna take!! but whatever. like everybody on our hall is getting sick so its just gonna go around to everybody which is pretty discusting. anyway.. i got to see laura k and courtney this weekend which was awesome and i saw BOB in the grove i was so excited to see him..i dont know the last time i have see any of them. i think i should go to bed

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back at school [21 Sep 2003|09:16pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

well i def. havent posted in forever! tons have things have happend to me and just to much to write it all out....but anyway me and blythe went to a hanson concert in new orleans on friday night. it was so much fun but it was also very depressing bc he is married and has a KID!!! it was at the house of blues and you had to be 18 to go which was kinda weird just because it was a hanson concert. they played old songs like mmmbop and also songs from there new cd because it was the acoustic tour. which was awesome. so throughout the whole concert me and blythe were trying to make our way to the front row and we finally did and there were like 2 songs left so at the end they came and shook all of our hands...and then we got the set list that was taped to the floor so that was awesome, and then we went to the stage door where the bus was and waited for them to come out and we saw taylors wife and kid and like some of his younger brothers and sisters...then taylor came out and went behind the bus but everybody thought that he had gotten on the bus but me and blythe went around it bc we were just gonna go get in the car that was behind the bus and then we realized that taylor hanson was like right infront of us walking down the street and some people stoped us and we were like uh are car is right there and so they were like whatever so we then started to run to catch up with him and we were like talkign to him but the body guards were like leave him alone and then he got in his car and left....which was very sad!! then we got in the car and tried to follow the car but we lost it..but when i was standing there i was trying to memorize the license plate number and it was a florida licence place which was weird...then we went back to the hotel and ordered room service and pretty much almost started to cry because we were depressed but it was def. an awesome concert
and the thing htat really sucked is that we couldnt have a camera in the house of blues....but anyway i am back at ole miss and i really am not in the mood to go to class but i am coming back to jackson on wed after the "BBQ Social" how funny does that sound. i cant belive that i am going to a bbq social but whatever...and i am getting my hair cut on thursday because i dont have class till 6 pm and then a home game on sat. and then rush starts next thursday!! so i guess everything is going pretty good up here!

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...... [09 Sep 2003|12:09am]
What to say???
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schoolll [24 Aug 2003|01:53am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

i have officaially completed my first week at college! even thought the beg. of the week was a little difficult i cant wait to go back! i am so excited!!

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........... [16 Aug 2003|11:15pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

well.......im in my dorm room right now and this is so weird!! we are all moved in and everything is great and there are like prep and ja people on my hall so its awesome....i have spent 2 nights in my room so far and right now blyhte is sick so we just folded out the footon so that if she get sick she doessnt have to get on the bed that is lofted...and let me just say that it is almost impossible to get down from those things!! we have been to the walmart like everynight its so much fun here. i just wish certain people were here......yea.......lizzie and her brother and sister came to bring the footon for us from memphis now me and blythe are the only ones here. CRAZY! me and blythe were gonna make a surprise trip somewhere but somepeople didnt want us to come!!! but thats ok i dont even know what to say its so much fun up here! and im gonna get something to eat.

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college [14 Aug 2003|02:25am]
[ mood | depressed ]

well i guess i leave for college TODAY!! i am so sad ive been like crying all the time..at the show me and blythe just cried in the car and it was very depressing.plastic glasses did awesome i got a tshirt and a cd. i just finished packing and everything is almost in the car. i was gonna go back over to kyles house but i didnt realize what time it was so i ended up not going and im really sad about that..i never got to tell kyle or lexie or someother people bye! well...the other day i dont even know what day that was anymore because it fells like forever ago but i think it was yesterday i stayed awake all night and talked to kellen on the computer i have never talked to one person on the computer all night! haha it was really funny!! then at like 6 i went to kyles to pick him up and we went to eat and then when we went back over to kyles i ACIDENTALLY woke up scott and kyle! i think they were pretty mad at me! and we watched some family guy haha i love that show!! i almost fell back asleep but somebody would always do somethign like scott playing and dancing to britney spears or somebodys phone would ring or soemthing like that then blythe came over and i went home and we went to eat with eric nix and lee and good thing they are going to be in 9th grade but i love them! can i just say that i am so sad about leaving EVERYBODY!! i am goign to miss eveybody so much i really dont knwo what im gonna do! but i guess im gonna go to sleep....

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kyle [12 Aug 2003|02:06am]
[ mood | blah ]

***kyle better be updating his journal right now***

geeezz i feel like i have so much to do but i dont know what that is that i need to do. i decided that i am going to get up at 10 and go and get a license plate. i have never had a license plate before so i am not sure where i get one, and that could be a problem!! and then i need to go return some ugly shoes and then eric and lee wanted to go eat with me and blythe so we are gonna eat at the country club and they are gonna pass right by my house so they are going to pick me up!! yay! i dotn know what to pack is the next problem i mean i do but i dont you know? i just wish that is was cold so i could bring like jackets and stuff. i love when its cold and going to football games. its gonna be alot different than going to prep football games but its gonna be so awesome--well i hope--well anyway my dad brought home a indigo blue monte carlo with the jeff gordon editon. it has like his autograph all over it and #24 too like in the head rest and everywhere. it also has liek flames coming up the front. its so funny! me kyle kellen blythe and ben drove it to the store to get somemore rootbeer floats or like floatz or somthign liek that and then we watched the family guy it is so funny but sometimes i dotn get all the jokes...haha...me and blythe also started to clean up but i dotn think that we got very far. i dont really see how this confetti got all over the house liek in the most random places but anyway i hope everybody who is in school had a good day

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awake [11 Aug 2003|02:34am]
[ mood | cold ]

I CAN NOT SLEEP!! i am like so nervous/excited about college and i try to go to bed and i keep thinking of things i need to do before i go. it sucks pretty bad. i think i need to make a list of what i need to do and that might help. but i have been cold all night and i think im still sick. but i def. love the family guy and i really want to get the dvd so that we can have it next year at school. i dont really know what to say because i feel like i have so much to say but i cant type it and i keep staring at the page. i just have to say that i am going to miss everybody so much!!

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i was really bored [09 Aug 2003|06:09pm]
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Thug Bear

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umm i dont know about this one
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content star [09 Aug 2003|04:24am]
i like the content star because he has on sunglasses!!
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bens birthday [09 Aug 2003|04:07am]
[ mood | content ]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN! well i guess its not your birthday anymore since its like 4 am. today me and blythe decorated bens room with streamers and ballons(yes i blew them up and blythe tied them and i was about to pass out)TONS of confetti(yea im sorry about that ben kellen and kyle and ill vacume it for you)and a finding nemo happy birthday banner its the best! we told laura k and courtney to stall while they were eating so we would have time to decorate. jitin came over to help us surprise ben and i dont know if the surprise worked very well but it was really funny because we all kinda ran around for awhile and then hid behind the couch and laughed the whole time before he came in. i def. love the family guy now and i want to get the dvd set its so awesome me taylor kyle kellen blythe and ben watched like 3 episodes and it is so funny. i had no idea. i def want to see the rest of them.oh, and i just have to say that i had to walk from the school to kyles house by myself with no shoes on and with wet hair and i felt like and prob. looked liek a crazy person. it was very scary and im never going to do that again. well my grandmother took me shopping today for college clothes and she is so sweet and she didnt need to do that. now my cousins lizzie sophie and lizzies boyfriend josh are in town because my mom is giving her testimony in church this sunday and my uncle and his new girlfriend are also going to be coming into town sat so i hope i will beable to get out of the house.

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nemo [09 Aug 2003|04:04am]
You are DORY!
What Finding Nemo Character are You?

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toby keith [08 Aug 2003|03:55am]
[ mood | tired ]

i just got home from toby keith in birmingham. i am so tried right now but i cant sleep..this concert was so american i loved it..it was pretty fun...i got this flashing toby keith pin its great. its much better than my christina pin but not my justin pin because toby keith is not hot like justin its!!! hahah....but anyway i saw plastic glasses the other day and it was awesome but it was a little hot in the room but that was ok...and we went over to kyles house for FOREVER! and some of the people in the other bands were kinda RUDE!! anyways...i wanna go to the big walmart in madison but i never do and i really want to....i cant belive that i leave to go to college in a week!! im going to be so sad telling people goodbye. people who i thought i wasnt going to be sad about leaving im going to miss them the most! CRAZY!! i am going to miss them so much!! me and blythe also found out that we have something in common that we didnt even now about each other even more crazy!! i just noticed that todays date is 08/08 haah that looks cool...but im going to bed and i just have to say that jitin is the coolest person i know!

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the ring [05 Aug 2003|02:54am]
[ mood | scared ]

well i was just sitting on my computer and it kicked me off aol so i was like whatever but it happend to be the cable cord or something so i went to turn on the tv and it did that fuzzy screen like the ant races. and i realize that i had seen the ring 7 days ago TODAY! i am so scared and i cant get the image of the little girl in that movie coming out of the screen. and its like 3 am right now and so i have all day to go! i tried to text message anybody that would talk to me but everybody is asleep and they should really wake up! but anyway i dont need to freak out about that becuase its just a movie but im still scarying myself!! so.. right now blythe is driving my car because my mom hit hers...i am also going to a sr. party tom. kinda random that we are about to go to college and we have another one to go to but thats ok..i have been sad all day today about scott leaving i just cant belive that its true i just keep thinking that im going to see him on Sunday but i know im not but i know that God has awesome plans for him in prattville, AL...i dont really have anything else to write about so...

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sorry blythe [04 Aug 2003|11:13pm]
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50 cent [04 Aug 2003|11:05pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

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barbie [04 Aug 2003|11:00pm]
[ mood | good ]

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scott [04 Aug 2003|02:12pm]
[ mood | sad ]

last night i went to a going away party for our scott schumpert. i went to belize with him and i am going to miss him very much. he was one of the youth leaders at the church and he means so much to me. i was crying like all night at church i cant belive that he is leaving! he is moving to prattville, AL i dont even know where that is!! he was talking about next year having a joint mission trip with CUMC and his new church i would LOVE doing that! i just hope that i get to see him soon....we are also going to have a belize reunion sometime soon with the whole team and we are going to eat gibnut! YUMM not really but it would be funny. and i also cant wait until wayne sellers comes home we are all going to the airport to see him when he comes in. he works with carribean resource ministries in belize and he stays there most of the year but he is coming home aug. 12 and we will have the party when he comes home. i was really happy when the whole mission team was together last night. but anyway.....i went over to kyles house last but i only stayed over there for like 15 mins. and then i went to blythes house and me and taylor went to eat at perkins today...umm its was ok but the sweet tea was really good. but anyway i think i need to do something about kyles earrings

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I finally have a journal! [04 Aug 2003|01:25am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

yay!! i finally have a live journal. i am so excited! i am over at blythes right now and at first she made my journal gay as crap but now its PINK! and i like it....esp. my eminem picture. we are drinking some really good sweet tea and its like the best tea i have ever had! i cant belive that we move into our dorm room in 10 days!! thats crazy! i hope we have everything that we need..i think we do.

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HALLOW! [04 Aug 2003|12:26am]
[ mood | chipper ]


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